Information about, and help with
the new Safety e-Zone format

Effective November 1, 2008, the PCCA Safety e-Zone digital magazine has moved to a format that can be opened on any computer without the need for special digital magazine software. It uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader which comes standard on every computer made and sold in America.

For a better reading experience, you may wish to upgrade to the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. CLICK HERE to get the free Adobe upgrade.

You can now open The Safety e-Zone online, or download it and view it whenever you desire.

When you first open The Safety e-Zone, you will get a pop-up notice that the e-publication is trying to open in "full-screen mode." That is the best way to view it, so say yes. You can toggle back and forth from the full-screen mode to the normal reading pane by using the VIEW button in the navigation bar. Also, you can get out of the full-screen mode at any time by pressing the "Esc" key on your keyboard.

The INDEX button in the navigation bar will take you back to the page with the Table Of Contents. Anything in the digital paper with an underline or a box around it is a working link, which will take you to a web page, or open an e-mail box.

NOTE: Because Adobe Acrobat PDF files are very secure, when you click a link it will give you a pop up box asking you if it is okay to follow the link -- just say okay. This safety feature is built into all PDF files.

The PRINT button will let you print any page, or the entire digital publication. The page will print out on standard 8 1/2 by 11" paper, in landscape mode. When you print, be sure you tell your print to print in landscape, and also be sure to set PAGE SCALING to: FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA.

The EMAIL button will let you share this digital publication with your friends and associates.

The HELP button in the nav bar will bring you to this page.

And, the CLOSE button will, of course, close the e-paper. You can move forward and back by pressing the left and right arrows in the navigation bar.

While any version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader will work for this new format, to get the full benefit of all the Flash animation and features we have worked so hard to put into the digital magazine for you, we recommend that you use the most recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is Version 9.  If you need to get the free upgrade from Adobe, here is the link:

For those using the Download Manager software to have your digital publications delivered to you, the new format Safety e-Zone will show up in a new folder on your desktop called: e-Papers Library


PLEASE NOTE that in order for the Download Manager to properly handle the new format Safety e-Zone you will need to grab the upgrade found at: .  

Without this upgrade, the Download Manager will put The Safety e-Zone into your Zinio Library, which would be bad, as the Zinio Library will not display non-Zinio items.  So, please upgrade your Download Manager software to keep your digital paper delivery working smoothly.

If you are not yet using the Download Manager software, but would like your e-papers delivered, go to and download the free software and then install it on your computer. 

Fast and easy!  Call C&S Publishing at (916) 729-5432 if you have questions or problems installing the software.It's that easy! If you have problems or questions, please email C&S Publishing.

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