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C&S Publishing, founded in 1989, is a Daughter / Father business, operated by Catherine Wood and Steve Berlin.

We are your clean & green digital publishing specialists. We are confident that we can help you communicate more efficiently and effectively with your members or clients, save you valuable staff time, give you a better publication, and perhaps even generate a new revenue stream by selling advertising.

Our work includes graphic design, typesetting & layout, web creation, and advertising sales. At this time we are working primarily with non-profit organizations, but we are delighted to work with any business that wants to communicate more effectively, in a powerful clean & green format.

To get a price quote for your newspaper, magazine or newsletter, please call C&S Publishing at (916) 729-5432. If you would like to find out how easy and cost-effective it is to get a state-of-the-art digital publication please give us a call or drop us an email.

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Privacy Policy

We have never sold, loaned or given away any mailing information, email addresses or client information in 19 years in business, and we do not intend to begin now.

When you sign up to receive any or all of our electronic publications, you do so with our absolute guarantee that we will never, ever, sell, loan or give away your information.

When you work with us to produce your e-publications, you can be assured that we will never share your information with anyone else without your knowledge and express consent.

You have our word on it.

Clients who have trusted us with their mailing lists and other confidential information have never been disappointed in our security or discretion, and they never will.

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